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Reporting in SuperINN.com is complete and versatile.

Tax Reports
SuperINN.com features tax reports that break down your bed and sales tax and any additional taxes you may have.

Deposits Reports
SuperINN.com's deposits reports let you track payments already made or reservations requiring deposits.

Occupancy Reports
Let SuperINN.com show you your occupancy in a new way. Whether you are tracking monthly statistics, running comparative reports, or using occupancy reports to establish your pricing, Superinn.com will consolidate this valuable information into easy to use reports.

Referral Reports
Find out how your guests are finding you, and use that information to dictate where your spend your valuable marketing dollars. No more frivolously spending money on directories that don't generate any revenue, let SuperINN.com help you become a marketing wizard.

Revenue Reports
SuperINN.com's revenue reports will display revenue for any period of time. Easily track room revenue, add-on items, and discounts. SuperINN.com offers both detailed and summary reports to accommodate the level of details you require.

Income Statements and Profit and Loss Reports
Use SuperINN.com's checkbook feature and make double data entry a thing of the past. SuperINN.com's income statements or P&L reports allow you to monitor your spending and show you how your business is growing.

Easily track which rooms need to be refreshed, and cleaned as well as any special requests made by guests.

Arrival and Departure Lists
Easily project your workload by looking at arrival and departure lists for any period of time. SuperINN.com allows you to look at lists of guests and sort them based on virtually any variable.

All reports can be made for any time period. SuperINN.com's reports are versatile and customizable.
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