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"We met SuperINN.com at a conference and their great product and friendly staff really made us feel comfortable doing something we were cautious to do. We don't ever worry about our information or safety or reservations now that we have SuperINN."

"We have been with SuperINN.com for nearly a decade now. Their product was cutting edge then and continues to be on the cutting edge now. They consistently update the program. It gets better and better and is always doing the latest, important things. We will use them until we close our inn and when we sell our inn we will recommend the new users to use it as well. It also makes looking at selling our inn an easy deal, since SuperINN.com has such complete reporting, we know our information is always correct and up to date. It has really consolidated and made more efficient just about everything we do. Yeah SuperINN.com. "

"SuperINN.com is just the program we had been looking for. Being online has simplified our lives in so many ways. We can travel and still take care of our business. We are so thankful to the staff at SuperINN for being patient with us when they trained us and have been there for us when we need them. SuperINN.com was easy to learn and is completely customizable. With all of our unique operational habits we never thought we could find something that would fit our needs so well, then we found SuperINN.com. Thank you SuperINN.com we couldn't do it without you."

"We tried all the other programs and SuperINN was by far the easiest to use and most complete. Our guests love the online booking feature."

"We tried to transition from paper and calendars before and it was too frustrating. We were then recommended by another innkeeper to try SuperINN.com and the transition was actually very smooth and we would never go back to the way we used to run the inn. No longer does the inn run our lives, we run our inn."

"When we started processing credit cards with SuperINN.com our world changed. We could now charge credit cards from any where. When we away from the inn we could make sure our deposits were in and we didn't have to think about reconciling our gateway with anything. It really gave us that last little bit of freedom that meant so much."

"Sending email broadcasts has become such a nice part of how we get new bookings. Doing that within one program makes our job so much easier. SuperINN.com is so much more than just a booking engine. It has touched on so many different parts of our daily routine. SuperINN is essentail."

"SuperINN.com is a true value."

"The technical support of the SuperINN.com staff has been invaluable to us. When we are away and our employees have questions or concerns they can call SuperINN.com. We don't have to have all the answers. Knowing that our information is safe and backed up and accessible always is a real nice part of SuperINN. I don't worry about my data anymore. I don't have to do backups anymore, I just feel very at ease with them."

"Love, love, love SuperINN"

"We wouldn't use anything else."

"Innkeeping became the passion of my life after retiring from a 30 year career as a flight attendant. This is my third B&B in seven years. I started this one in January of 2006 and had the benefit of all the trial and error of the first two. I love the guests, ambience, décor, presentation of food, etc, but I am not a ‘numbers’ person. I am organized, however and managed to get by those first years writing out every reservation on a duplicating form. Those were the ‘old days’.

The difference it makes to use SuperInn to run my business now is light years from that. The ability to book from my site, store every piece of information about my guests, automatically calculate each rate, email my guests for any reason with my letterhead and pull up any report I should desire was unimaginable in those ‘old days’! I use the ‘Availability Chart’ constantly during the busy season. I print it out and carry it with me so I am able to see what is ‘open’ instantly and can offer it immediately to a reservation request that comes by phone while I’m out of the Inn. In addition to these functions, I do not have to worry about lost information should my own computer fail. All my information is stored in a ‘web based’ site, accessible from anywhere in the world. The SuperInn service is most affordable and the personal attention for set-up and any question that may come up is always friendly and reliable.

SuperInn has saved me an inestimable amount of time & energy that I am able to use in caring for my guests, the Inn itself and most importantly the bottom line. I would never think of running my B&B without SuperInn."

"All the innkeepers in our area use them and we all love the program."

"Doing our taxes at the end of the month has never been easier."

"I wish I had SuperINN.com when I first started running our inn 20 years ago."

"I run our entire business from our IPhone."

"Super Inn is easy to use . . . allows for quick data retrieval. Training was very easy - a user friendly system - ideal for people with little computer knowledge. Sark Technologies has been very easy to work with regarding improvements to the system. They listen to their customers and try to make an innkeepers life as simple as possible. Their online reservations decrease the burden.

Thank you for all that you do to make my life less stressful. I really appreciate your prompt attention to every call, regardless of the significance. I look forward to our long relationship."

"I'd just like to write and tell you how much I like Superinn.com. I tried all of the reservation software on the market. It was either way to much for my business needs, too expensive or too hard to learn.

In two days after installing Superinn, I was using it like I'd had it on my computer forever. It's just so intuitive, I've yet to encounter a problem I couldn't solve.

I'd definitely recommend this as a solution for keeping track of business as well as incorporating online availability and reservations.

What can I say? I love it!"

"The partners at SuperINN are truly committed to meeting the needs of their users. At my request, SuperINN has been developing an entire expense control system, and associated reports. Every other system producer I contacted, told me to use Quick Books. Since I wanted to simplify my financial reporting, SuperINN's willingness to undertake this task convinced me to use their system. Now, with just a few clicks of my mouse, I can produce my federal and state tax reports, as well as other reports that enable me to track and improve my Inn's cash flow. Thank you SuperINN."