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Your online availability and Guest Management system are always synchronized
There is no such things as having to update your online calendar. With SuperINN.com every part of the program is in real time. When you take a reservation, it is always in synch with your online calendars. There is no possible way to have a double booking with SuperINN.com.

Confirm or Deny all online reservations
Never lose the personal touches that makes owning and operating a small property unique. You can still talk to every potential customer before accepting the reservation. You can still answer all special questions and requests. SuperINN.com makes providing the personal touches easier since your focus is not split between running your inn and providing outstanding personal service.

Real-time Online Availability - No Double bookings
All reservations whether taken online by a potential guest or onsite by an employee or offsite by another employee or owner are taken in real-time. This ensures that no double bookings can occur. The innkeeper of course has the last say in who books since all online reservations are pending the confirmation of the inn. Whether you are the owner or an employee or a potential guest, everyone accesses the same data. This means there are no uploads or downloads of availability. This means there is no down time between when a reservation is made and when it is posted for anyone else to see.

Makes email request forms obsolete
If you are still receiving email requests or fax requests, you are doing yourself and your guests a disservice. You have the same control over inventory that email requests give you, but SuperINN.com makes double data entry and availability uploads a thing of the past. All reservations made online are posted directly into your inventory as pending reservations. Ready for quick perusal and confirmation.

Simplifies Online Reservation Making Process
SuperINN.com makes the entire online reservation process worry free. Keep the personal touches that are essential, lose the data entry and work around making reservations. Confirm or Deny all reservations, never worry about double bookings.

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