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Getting Started How to Evaluate if SuperINN.com is Right For Your Property Safety and Security Try Before You Buy How to Get Help Information for Software users

Getting Started
It's easy to get started with SuperINN.com. You already have everything you need.

How do I get started?Why don't I need to install any software? What type of computer do I need? What type of Internet connection do I need? How does anytime, anywhere access work? Can my off-site employees access SuperINN.com? What is included in the monthly subscription? Can SuperINN.com handle multiple properties? Is there a Macintosh version? Back to Top

How to Evaluate if SuperINN.com is Right for Your Property

SuperINN.com puts the power of the Internet to work for you. Learn why it's the fastest and easiest way to get started with your guest management system.

Why should I use SuperINN.com for my property? What makes it the fastest and easiest way to get started with a guest management system? Do I need a separate accounting software? Where can I see a detailed list of features? How is SuperINN.com better than software or manual innkeeping? How is it better than a manual Innkeeping? Back to Top

Safety and Security

From firewall-protected servers to automatic daily back-ups, your guest information is safe and secure.

Is it safe to transmit my data over the Internet? Will the service be available 24 hours a day? Do you backup my data? How do you ensure no one can else can access my data? What is 128-bit SSL encryption? What happens if my computer crashes or I get a computer virus? Back to Top

Try Before You Buy

Make sure it meets your needs before you sign up. Try SuperINN.com FREE for 2 months. How does the 2 month FREE trial work? As a trial user do I have complete access to SuperINN.com or just a portion? Back to Top

How to Get Help

Whether you need a quick answer or personalized support, help is just a click away.
Do I have to pay extra for help? How do I get help? Can I talk to someone by phone? Back to Top

Information for Software users

SuperINN.com is easier to use than any other guest management software , with some additional features that leverage the power of the Internet.

Additional advantages of SuperINN.com over other guest management software? Back to Top