Email Newsletters
With you can easily create effective, high-impact emails to promote your property. Send email marketing and get results fast with's Email Broadcast system. makes creating and sending professional-looking emails easy, with no technical expertise. Take a few minutes out of your day and contact thousands of your guests with news, specials, or promotions.

Customized Email Stationary emails and email broadcasts are sent on customized stationary, maintain graphic continuity with your online presence.

Targeted Email Marketing
Create "sub-categories" and send more targeted messages only to those guests who are interested. Whether it is a guest birthday, anniversary, special interest, or you simply wish to send a message only to guests from a certain city, state, zip code.'s email broadcast and manual mailing capabilities allows for easy, efficient, professional newsletters to be sent easily and quickly. The innkeeper has control over what is sent. The innkeeper has control over who information is sent to. No need for a separate program to do email blasts. All email broadcasts are sent on customized email stationary for the right brand, look or feel.

Print Labels
If you choose to manual mailings. creates label lists that simplify even the longest mailing lists. You can still use the targeted lists for all of your manual mailings.