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Additional advantages of SuperINN.com over other guest management software?
SuperINN.com is easier to use than any other guest management software , with additional features that leverage the power of the Internet.

SuperINN.com is right for your property if:

  • You want the fastest, easiest way to get started with guest management
    • • No computer knowledge needed to get started
    • • Support included at no extra charge with subscription
    • • Innovative new design with the computer novice in mind
    • • Access it anytime, anywhere via the Internet
  • You value a low up-front investment of time and money
    • • No purchase required to get started - 2 month FREE trial
    • • No start-up cost - pay by the month
    • • No software to install, maintain, or upgrade
    • • Automatic data backup saves you time and money

SuperINN.com allows your guest management system to be accessible anytime, from anywhere. You can save valuable data entry time and present a more professional image to your customers. SuperINN.com is a complete solution eliminating the need for separate online availability and online reservation software. This innovative new approach eliminates any possibility of a double booking while retaining the personal touches unique to the Bed and Breakfast industry. SuperINN.com will never take away the personal touches an innkeeper wishes to provide (ex. the ability to speak with every guest prior to confirming their reservation), it will only simplify the work which surrounds providing these personal touches.

SuperINN.com is also the ideal solution if:
  • You work from multiple locations
  • You want to give access to employees, business partners, or your accountant
  • You have multiple or simultaneous users

If you currently use other guest management software we can easily import your guest information for FREE.

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